Mount Bethany Public School is an institution run by Bethany Fathers, a well known religious community founded by the great educationist, Late Archbishop Mar Ivanios. The Bethany group of institutions have always cherished and nurtured "His Dreams". We believe in providing innovative educational methods that will enable every student to be an emissary of change.
Today we promote not just academic excellence but holistic education . Our school provides a conducive environment for physical, social, spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth.It offers guidance in critical thinking, social openness and enhances purposeful research. Students are given opportunities to develop their innate talents as well as to be aware of national and global issues.
We believe in encouraging our students to assimilate good values that will guide every student at Mount Bethany to fulfill their hopes and aspirations. We aim to mould them into proactive citizens.

Mount Bethany Public School commenced almost a decade ago , in 2002 at Kumbazha, the gateway to the most famous Malayalappuzha Devi Temple. It is one of the prestigious institutions run by Bethany Congregation and a premier school in this area. Over the years it has closely monitored, guided and provided rich ,holistic education to hundreds of children coming from diverse cultures. The sense of equality is as strong as our discipline -and everyone believes in the principles and values of ‘The Bethany Culture.'

     means Education that liberates.

We encourage education:        
that is life-centric,
that preserves and enhances knowledge,
that moulds character formation,
that illumines personality,
that nurtures social conciousness
that synergises and promotes empathetic co-existence
As a premier educational institution we focus at igniting a passion within students.
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