In a short span of twelve years Mount Bethany has attained an excellent reputation for blending contemporary education pedagogies and technologies .The institution is committed to inculcate within students the processes of discernment, analysis and evaluation and make qualitative education accessible which is still a dream for many.We have created a platform to invigorate the dormant creative buds entrusted in our care.
We are committed to the clarion call given by educationists- to liberate education from abysmal pervasive mediocrity and nurture globally equipped citizens.
  There is a paradigm shift from examination to effective pedagogy and a switch to the continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) system in lieu of the annual examination to provide holistic growth.
  Our faculty comprises of highly trained teachers who act as catalyst ,stimulating students to realize their potential and use their multiple faculties optimally. They groom the students to be physically strong, socially sensitive, and intellectually competent and embedded in Indian ethos.
   Today Mount Bethany as a “knowledge hub” has kept abreast with the changing scenario and has taken initiatives to empower the students to be integrated personalities—ready to carve a niche for themselves and make their imprint on the sands of time---- Sa Vidya Vimuktaye!
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